LIVE 0.5 PPR Mock Draft! Strategies, Grades & Instant Analysis! | 2023 Fantasy Football Advice

The crew conducts a live 0.5 PPR mock draft with special guests Joey Wright of Front Yard Fantasy and FFT contributor Tera Roberts!

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20 Replies to “LIVE 0.5 PPR Mock Draft! Strategies, Grades & Instant Analysis! | 2023 Fantasy Football Advice”

  1. edison says:

    Mahomes 2nd pick? How? Why? And you guys host fantasy telling us not too draft qbs that’s high lol. That’s disgusting

  2. Peter says:

    This draft was abysmal. After seeing a qb at 2 and no wr until 4 I knew it was gonna be a shit show

  3. Lee Smith says:

    Tried to watch. It’s an NFL show. Can’t look at clemron gear for an hour. 🤙

  4. Raghu Sharma says:

    Adam does a great job forgetting when his pick is coming to buy himself more time lmao


  6. Lol Jamey does not like Adam Aizer. Obvious, isn’t it?

  7. Who let Joey out of his crate? And who gave him a shirt without soccer logos on it?!?!

  8. I don’t have anything negative to say about anyone in the draft but would be curious to know how far in advance they knew the league format? Felt like certain things were reaches compared to the context of the league

  9. Rick Rodrick says:

    Adam is a train wreck. Makes this draft unlistenable.

  10. Mike McKenna says:

    Ok… Joey and Adam have the best teams. <(*o*)> …. Jamey is right in the hunt, especially of any of his last three hit… but too much gamble on last 3 picks

  11. Damn Tera is fine AF. These homers are lucky.

  12. Frank D says:

    I love living room Jamey!

  13. Ben says:

    I liked this video

  14. Methinks pete Carroll will want to boast; JSN getting heavy volume

  15. Philly Phil says:

    I hated every team that was drafted.

  16. ryan keagy says:

    These people drafting QBs this early is absolutely ridiculous and ruining drafts. QBs shouldn’t be taken before the 3rd or 4th round

  17. How much do you guys bump up the need for WR in a 2 flex 1/2ppr league.

  18. Jkitty o says:

    Im late but i dropped a like. Love the content, AA.

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