Used Car Prices & the ULEZ Premium!

Used car prices are still rising, but they have slowed, partly due to the drop in EV values, and this is despite the ULEZ Premium which is a real thing. Data from Autotrader.

Everything you need to know about ULEZ
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25 Replies to “Used Car Prices & the ULEZ Premium!”

  1. i will not be scrapping my i40 2014 with 35k on the clock for no tyrant. EVER.

  2. L Kearney says:

    Labour have said they want ULEZ over the whole country, but now they've gone quiet because they've found out it's very unpopular. Don't trust them; they're most likely to have kept this back for implementation if they win the election.

  3. L Kearney says:

    Buying a used electric car means that much less life in the battery, in terms of both run time after a charge as well as actual life remaining in the battery. A much steeper slope downwards towards the scrapyard than a liquid fuel car.

  4. bikeman123 says:

    9:10 Tesla's price drop may have affected used Tesla prices but it certainly hasn't caused a price war between manufacturers of new EVs. None of them have reduced their EV prices.

  5. dopeNL says:

    Simply don’t panic 😱
    Keep your old cars and put the fines in the bin.
    Do not CONSENT Then you don’t have to comply do not play there game.

    I shall not or ever do so, its all a load of political rubbish ULEZ lol
    will love to see them get this to work. As it will never if everyone simply says fcuk the govement, we are not slaves or muppets
    are we?????

  6. terrapyn99 says:

    The non-compliant vehicles will end up going up north, especially the vans.

  7. simonelsey says:

    ive got a ford focus 1.8tdci … does 65mpg on the run ….Never going back to london never …..lived in london half my life moved as show it turning into crime ridden city..

  8. When I bought my, what was then , 8 year old car, I payed just over £3000. 17 years later I still have it. Nowadays £3000 doesn't get you a lot in the used car market if you need to have something ULEZ compliant.
    I am more than willing to take your advice and hold off buying newer car until the next London mayor elections.
    However, there are times I have to travel into London from Herts. I usually take the train, but, what happens when there is a rail strike, or tube strike. I can't take my car into London from the end of August.
    I have family in north London, which is outside the north circular and currently outside of ULEZ. Come the end of August I won't be able to visit them at all unless I take the train, tube, and train again to get there.

  9. Ben Tullett says:

    The hyrids I have seen that seem to be sold the most are the ones from Toyota who invented the system. So it looks like not everyone's hybrid car sales are doing badly.

  10. Let us have a converters kit for ulez it will save us munny let’s get the. Kit is all about carns pocket

  11. Ah well, rather than use my 3 litre ULEZ compliant diesel on short runs, I have just paid £800 for a low mileage collection of MOT'd dents that is a 2005 1.4 petrol Astra. It is ULEZ compliant (Which came as a surprise!). If I can get a couple of years out of it I will be happy! If it dies I still have my big shiny thing!

  12. john Elliott says:

    Chips oh yes, Cars didn’t need all theses chips years ago, so why can’t they make them like they used to, all this computer garbage as older cars are still more reliable than the modern cars. It’s a no brainer.
    As for Diesel 2015, 2016 it’s basically add blue, which is basically pigs piss urine that goes into the exhaust to clean it out. I definitely agree hang onto your old car that doesn’t comply. I’m pretty sure the tide will turn with this silly Ulez expansion as it’s not popular at all as people it’s just a matter of time 👍become more aware of it. The pressure will be on.

  13. Web Surfer says:

    I'm starting to see them fall now.

  14. Rob says:

    Evs are completely and utterly unsustainable. In every way. 😊

  15. john olchowy says:

    I had to wait over a year, from when I ordered my replacement Motability car, It took one year and one month for me to receive it, Which was February this year. In fact because of COVID I had to extend my lease on my previous car from three years to 5 years, Which was the maximum motability would allow. in fact when I handed my previous car back to Motability, It had only covered 14,000 miles, Not bad for a 5 year old car. Anyone that bought that car had a good deal.

  16. Kp Hays says:

    Was thinking of changing my euro5 but as its ulez compliant, i will keep it although it does 19.6 mpg in sadiq town.

  17. I would rather spend £50K on a broken car than give them a single penny.

  18. Yes Data supports it. My diesel 2014 dropped £2k in the last month due to ULEZ implementation. Dealer today told me pretty much you can crush the car no one wants it. I would also be careful when just getting a car that is just making the ULEZ as he will just change the minimum threshold 5 years later so it will take loads of other cars out of contention.

  19. ste mun says:

    Ok we need to arrange a PROTEST, however you need to 100d's of Traction Engines and Steam Rollers Pre 1950 they pay 0 TAX and can go any-ware including parliament square, Then they would know what Real Bad air is like when i was a child, its all fake to control people and tax people to death so you will have nothing and be happy as Klause Shwarb wants 😛

  20. barleyarrish says:

    Old Petrol is not very good for the car the alcohol will absorb water, it also evaporates through the Breather in Hot Weather.

  21. I remember when a 10-15 year old cars wasn't worth moose piss. Now I'm seeing them sell for good money. My fave old car is the astra. I just like them. Nice shape, nice style.

  22. flitsies says:

    ULEZ and LEZs are popping up all over the country, so yes it's a London thing but not all the time.

    Also for those plug in Hybrids you better make sure you use the fuel within a certain amount of time or it will go off, and if you are always driving around on battery, in no time at all the petrol will spoil and you will cause serious damage to the engine.

  23. Kafil says:

    Will the ulez effect my mountain bike?

  24. Expensive car tax for my discovery 4 because it is a 3ltr diesel 4×4 so as I'm paying £695 Road tax every year I run it on red diesel mixed with veg oil it smokes like hell lol who cares I certainly don't. As I'm paying to pollute

  25. Kerry Davis says:

    Great post just had to get rid of my 2010 Jaguar absolutely gutted which I worked and saved hard for because of him brining in ULEZ and just had to get myself in debt so thanks Khan causing me stress. I hope he loses everything

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