Weight shift and lag like Jon Rahm #shorts

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  1. ✅ Watch the full version: https://youtu.be/lTwOQS6gi7c

    ✅ 풀영상 보러가기: https://youtu.be/5nCJVQtJXIM

  2. weber wilson says:

    How many reps a day would you like your students to do these two drills?

    You rock Aimee! You’re definitely my favorite online golf instructor. You make it fun and know what you are doing!

  3. weber wilson says:

    Love your drills!!!

  4. 에이미 쌤 최고❤❤❤ 오늘도 에이미 쌤의 미모와 빛나는 스윙! 그리고 명품 강의가 유투브 영상을 뚫고 나오네요👍👍 멋져요!!!

  5. Sam Howl says:

    How can you possibly keep the lead leg bent? How do you start the swing if you don't push into the ground with the left foot?

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