MY CHIPPING CHALLENGE | Overcoming the yips, re-building confidence & home practice drills

CHRONICLES OF A NOT YET CHAMPION GOLFER #90: MY CHIPPING CHALLENGE // Chipping Technique, Overcoming The Yips and How To Practice Golf At Home.

In the past I have struggled big time with the ‘chipping yips’. For anyone that doesn’t know or hasn’t experienced it, the yips is a mental issue that prevents you from performing what is a relatively simple golf shot.

Whilst mentality plays a big part of the problem, so is poor chipping technique. Practicing chipping is probably one of the most effective ways to work on your golf game during lockdown. In this video I talk through how I overcome the chipping ‘yips’, what I do to build confidence, chip shot technique and how to practice chipping at home.

Thanks for watching. See You Next Tuesday.



35 Replies to “MY CHIPPING CHALLENGE | Overcoming the yips, re-building confidence & home practice drills”

  1. C. Homer says:

    To someone who now owns that he has the chipping yips this is gold. To be clear, I'm a lot older than you and when younger had a decent short game. I believe that good hand/eye coordination masked a load of technical issues. As you get older hand/eye coordination declines ( along with a few other things) and to keep a decent game getting things technically right is key. The mental side of things is important, but you can't address this without being sound mechanically.Thanks for signposting the way to go.

  2. Hi loving your videos, you mention in one of your chipping videos that you cup your wrist in the takeaway. Why do you do that as we are encouraged to bow our left wrist to square up the clubface, can you explain. Thank you πŸ™

  3. Jack C says:

    I can' tell you how much this video helped me restore my wrecked short game – some faulty technique and bad habits had lead right into full blown pitching/chipping yips. Was able to rebuild it with the solid fundamentals and process you demonstrated…thank you for taking the time to document your journey.

  4. Dean Clay says:

    Thanks Al. I watched this last night ahead of my first game back today. The cup in the left wrist was great as I concentrated on that today and chipped really well on the whole and it's been a weak point in my game. Ended up 4 under my handicap (which is 9) and so well pleased with that. Lots of god stuff to work on over the winter!!

  5. Just came across this. Hilarious and informative. Great work!

  6. scott henry says:

    Hi Alex just want to say thank you this video has transformed my chipping from very poor to really good and the confidence it has give me is unbelievable thanks Scott keep up the content

  7. Brilliant video,i have being struggling so bad with the short game i have being on the verge of quitting for good.with the situation at the miniute spent alot time trying to work on it and seeing small improvements, might try the book u mentioned.

  8. Hardly Hogan says:

    thanks Al! went straight from this video to my garden bucket in hand lol bowed left wrist makes a huge difference mate felt weird at first but makes a huge difference also focusing on the finish stops me decelerating, 25 shots to get 6 in the bucket! tommorow 24!

  9. Just an afterthought,been chipping with the left foot pulled back but not flared out recently, think it was on one of Nick Doherty's tee time tips,but the sturnam was facing the ball & not in front of the ball so gona give the method you've been using a bash.

  10. Brilliant video, loved the chipping challenge so funny plus I know how frustrating it can be,and a bit of the usual wildlife thrown in for good measure.πŸ‘

  11. Informative and hilarious. Great again Al πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

  12. John Magnell says:

    Very useful tips…and you manage to keep me amused throughout the video 🀣

  13. Hi Alex, I tried a similar distance with a similar sized bucket and only got 1 from 20 and 1 in the neighbours garden. It is very difficult test you have set yourself, the chips you were hitting were all good and within a foot in the landing area which gives you an up and down on every shot. What more do you want? Now I have to go and ask for my ball back from the man next doorπŸ˜‚

  14. You always cheer me up big time witch your content. Bloody excellent! Keep that quest going mate.

  15. Ben green says:

    Got to say that 50 deg wedge in bucket 10 yds is tough due to opening up and less bounce. What is good is that it pressures the technique and that is what your going to feel in competition. No good shot comes from a angry shot ~staying cool under the cosh is part of golf .Really good video – The step ladder drill with water bottles on is also good. (See Dan H video haha)πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  16. Thanks Alex – working on chipping and putting during lockdown – and skipping and cycling

  17. The best lockdown vid on YT thus far. I bought the book on Kindle and it’s fantastic. It’s given me permission to chip like I did when I was younger before lots of bad instruction got into my head and way ending in the yips. Brilliant stuff, thank you for the video Al.

  18. Sharkey jay says:

    Solid chipping Al, Don't beat yourself up that bucket is tiny…….Bumble bee!!!

  19. BBina18 says:

    I might try this in my backyard. The size of the target you used is very difficult and considering its elevated makes it harder. If you had just laid the towel flat on the ground, the shots that hit the side of the bucket would have counted. Interesting thoughts about the wrist angles and club face for chipping. Hope you are doing well.

  20. Great video Al. Liked the mirror drill. I’ve battled the chipping yips for years now, even gave up for three years and bought a motorcycle. I’m great on the range, but can’t even hit the green from 20ft on the course…what’s your thought for the down swing, Turn the chest? I’ve ordered the book off Amazon….

  21. Brilliant again Al me & my son really enjoy watching ur vids ur a nice guy shame ur a red lol .What a hard challenge into a bucket maybe a chipping net would be a little less frustrating. Also I think Phil Mickelson short game is a very good watch if ur interested. Keep up the good work & entertainment πŸ‘πŸ‘

  22. Dk Xx says:

    What handicap are u

  23. That was one of your best yet Al, i am currently 50% through the book and i have also found it fascinating some of the Finesse wedge stuff. I would love to pick your brain about it.
    also 6 out of 20 is pretty good I have been using an umbrella in open and shut to see how close i can get. with my old technique off a mat was good but really want to give the new one a go on the grass.
    keep up the videos mate you are doing a great job keeping us all sane.

  24. Alex I love your video especially your sense of fun, for you to use a Victoria sponge as a motivator is genius. I've been helping many people become free of the Yips using revolutionary therapies for years now. most of the people I have helped experienced the same emotions as yourself, feeling yourself getting angry, about to blow up, being afraid to hit the shot and a lack of confidence and feeling something just doesn't feel right. Some people can change this through technique changes and some can't., some can't even move the club!
    Whilst your changing your old pattern it's important to not be too critical.
    I too love Seickmans book it's awesome.
    For anyone who's stuck with the Yips and would like some help take a look at what I do

  25. Took your instruction to the course today…practice the chipping technique prior to playing and started hitting chip shots with confidence. your instruction was spot on. hit some great chip shots today and hit some that weren't great but they got the job done. thanks for making it clear and simple!!!

  26. What was the book called you mentioned?

  27. vince guest says:

    That Victoria Sponge looked lovely. Mary Berry would've been proud of that!

  28. Ideal video for these times, back garden chipping is still a,struggle so watching this has given me some great things to think about. A bee and a pigeon in the same video is always good πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  29. will pollard says:

    wrong technique with the click the thumb needs to start on your second finger then the second finger goes vertically down

  30. Gonna give it a try.. any chance of a vid on standard chip and run technique and toe down technique for dodgy lies…πŸ‘

  31. Cyril Guerin says:

    ahahah someone followed up on the merchandising:-) when next is the online shopping?

  32. Anton Astley says:

    Unreal video as my chippings duff central & tried it in my net in the back garden & its ridicolous how much better the strike is pal so thankyou for that, just a quick question if you have time to respond, my 60 degree and 56 are the clubs i use from about 80/90 yards downwards, could you use this same technique for say a 100/110 yard shot with a 52 degree ???

  33. I love how you get distracted by a pigeon. How long do you think your round would be if you played the Alfred Dunhill at Leopard creek in South Africa with rhinos and giraffes all over the place? πŸ˜‚

  34. Dave C says:

    I need that mug

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