NBA Legends And Players Share Who They Think Is Better LeBron James Or Michael Jordan

Who’s better LeBron or Jordan…Let’s see what NBA Legends say

NBA Legends And Players Share Who They Think Is Better LeBron James Or Michael Jordan

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25 Replies to “NBA Legends And Players Share Who They Think Is Better LeBron James Or Michael Jordan”

  1. Ryan Keenan says:

    MJ was the best of his generation, but he would not have 6 after 2005. I don’t want to hear anything different. SHAQ was just as good as MJ, Kareem, Magic, Kobe. They’re all up there. Almost every defender of MJ has said Lebron be there with Jordan. Just listen.

  2. The first GOAT was Elgin Baylor

  3. Ewing: Lebron is not Michael Jordan. Period!

  4. Competitiveness, leadership, sheer passion for the game and taking over when the game is on the line, Michael Jordan is way better. Stats alone doesn't make a player the greatest imo

  5. K’ARTY412 says:

    MJ made his team believe MJ didn’t team up with Shaq or or players that was could win games with out him that’s the line right there

  6. Loved wades comments. " i just wanna do some of that" thats hard. Profound.

  7. Jordan knew Who was on his squad an Who warmed up quicker

  8. Chris webber comment. Defines scrupulous

  9. Whose number does LeBron wear and why!
    Whose sneakers do 90% of kids wear!
    If Jordan kept playing instead of taking that break
    He would have more rings and the longest streak of consecutive championships.
    Like Bird said, “It was God Playing as Jordan”
    James just has sweatshop sneakers as his legacy

  10. Willie Brim says:

    Mike and Kobe the best lebron gay

  11. Matt Smith says:

    See this is why I have such a problem with LeBron fans. Always gotta say some ignorant crap.

    The one he said lebron got the cavs to the playoffs and that Jordan nor kobe could've done that… on kobe I disagree but again i can see why someone would think that. But Mike and the bulls? Idk if this dude knows this but bulls had a bunch or nobodies and mj got them to the playoffs. Then you think about how many championships bulls have… it's 6. Same as Jordan. Bulls never won before and still haven't won since without jordan.

    And one can say cavs don't have a championship without lebron and that's true… but lebron played for the cavs 11 years with 1 ring while Jordan played for the bulls 13 years with 6 rings… 🤷‍♂️

  12. Dion Walker says:

    U can't listen to Isaiah Thomas because he was and still is jealous of Jordan.

  13. Matt says:

    It's easy to debate in one sentence

    Count the rings bitches 😂😂😂

  14. Wait… did Magic say LeBron is dominating his era!? What? Everyone gets a championship in LeBron's era. He's the fucking Oprah Winfrey of the NBA. You get a chip, you get a chip, everyone gets a chip. MJ froze out an entire generation from getting rings.

  15. This debate doesn't even make it past the eye test.

  16. Lebron is a great player but MJ is a killer
    Lebron doesn't have the bravado or that level of confidence MJ always have.
    Lebron is a brute force but still not a killer he soft… MJ doesnt care if you are the biggest or ghe strongest player… even if you are a monster, MJ will never hesitate to come at you! MJ is an assassin.
    Lebron no matter how many super teams he formed will never be close to MJ…
    It's not fair to compare a mere mortal like Lebron to the basketball God his Airness Michael Jordan

  17. Daytona Greg says:

    Still the dumbest sports question ever.

  18. Guess it's MJ,LJ,Kobe❤❤❤❤that's it and that's all 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  19. Game 6…… Eternal End Of Discussion…..JS.

  20. Gena Turner says:

    Lebron never passed Kobe

  21. How is Magic Johnson still alive🤔

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