Proper Dress Code Attire

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  1. Nanny Oggins says:

    I totally accept and approve the idea of a dress code, mostly because it avoids unfair distractions on the course. Without a code there will always be that one person that takes things too far, like the woman that gives us a fine view of her cleavage or tge guy that turns up with no shirt at all! Who wants to look at that!
    However, I cannot for the life of me figure out why it’s necessary to tuck in the shirt, that screams 1970s to me, and, it’s confining and irritating. My club encourages women as well as men to tuck in which I hate, I don’t like showing of my rear ! I hope this aspect of dress code goes out of fashion. Thanks for the video, it’s useful.

  2. Daniel says:

    Can you wear a collared, button down with sleeve cuffs?

  3. What’s the mask for?

  4. Shark Finn says:

    I don't see why you need to look like a twat to play golf
    But hey, if you dressed properly for this gentleman's game, you can get drunk and be an ass on the course ✌🏽

  5. Marcus RTHP says:

    As a new golfer I hope I never run into a club that’s chasing behind me to tuck in a shirt. It’s already intimidating being new in this environment now I have to wonder if I’d be asked to leave because I chose to not tuck my shirt in. Like someone else said here, I’m a bigger man and kinda uncomfortable with a tucked shirt, it’s unfortunate that could be the deciding factor when looking for memberships.

  6. Any golf facility that tries to tell me how to dress will not get my business. Simple.

  7. This Guy says:

    This Hass to be the most pretentiously unrealistic set of expectations I have recently seen spewed out of the mouths of golf club representatives. This is why your golf club is struggling. Get with the times.

  8. Rustymaan says:

    I wear a snug Nike pro athletic shirt, or a frat bro button up for a top. For bottom I wear Nike pro 5 inch inseam running shorts or snug black track pants with a strong ankle taper. But I live in Georgia so it’s mostly the shorts. On my feet I always wear my white shoe + white lace Nikes. Never tuck my shirt into anything and I haven’t been turned down by any courses. Any guy who says you HAVE to wear a polo tucked in to your slacks is a low testosterone, elitist, cuck. Any woman says it is a Karen who has no love in her life.

    Golf is becoming/needs to be more open and welcoming to people of all walks. I’m going to do my part and find a way to make that happen. It’s no longer just going to be for rich softies. 🙂🙂

  9. Brody Clere says:

    Anyone who goes out of their way to get someone to tuck in their shirt was definitely a hall monitor in school 🤓

  10. This is the kind of stupid shit that makes me want to hate Golphers

  11. Goddamn stuck up snobs it’s just golf.

  12. Chad Slice says:

    The only time I tuck in my shirt is when I'm wearing a suit and tie or a tuxedo. Sometimes when I'm going for big tee shot I like to turn my hat around backwards. It's a comfort thing and it helps me focus. I guess I'm just not Mesa Verde material. Fine by me I'll stick with municipal golf courses like Riverview, Fullerton, Dad Miller, Birch Hills and Brea Creek.

  13. I appreciate that you are trying to set standards for golf attire but I also feel that your club is being unrealistic. I see classy and suitable golf attire that does not fall under your expectations. I see more people drunk on the course that are aligned with your dress code but do not abide by golf etiquette. Your videos should address that issue. It is sad to see that golf is becoming a lost sport. I wonder why….Thank you for opening my eyes to this matter.

  14. L Lamont says:

    Part of the reason why country clubs are struggling to attract new members and remain fiscally solvent…

  15. Wayne Ice says:

    Yeah as a bigger fella, I’m not tucking in my shirt. Shirt being untucked does not affect “professionalism”. If it doesn’t matter for women to be untucked, why does it affect men’s “professionalism”? It doesn’t.

  16. Wosop 666 says:

    I’ll untuck and wear my hat anyway I want

  17. i go in khaki safari shorts, yellow tank top with palm trees, a straw hat, and a margarita

  18. k9feces says:

    I can guarantee that at least one of the guys at 3:27 clogged a toilet in the clubhouse before the round.

  19. leanna cook says:

    This is great 👍I laughed so hard 🤣.
    If a club sponsored event or league event sure.
    But nowadays I see Bluetooth speakers 🔊 beer drinkers and people smoking pot.

  20. Dress codes are just code for no poor people

  21. a dress code fit for 80 years ago, but hey you're not receiving tax money-are you?

  22. Tk says:

    If Tiger Woods wears his hat backwards so should you.

  23. J.G verse says:

    The dress code is the most arbitrary thing in the world.

  24. K-LAWN says:

    So I can’t show up butt naked?

  25. james turner says:

    I won't go in no spot or club I got to tuck my shirt in I don't look like tucked in my stomach too big and I am not tucking in

  26. D says:

    What if someone wants to go real old school and wear a kilt?

  27. Shawn says:

    I can drive the ball 300 yards, shoot 5 over par on most courses and can do it in gym shorts and a t-shirt. You have to understand this isnt 1960 anymore, if your going to try and attract a younger generation the dress code needs to go otherwise golf courses will continue to close around the U.S and yours will eventually as well.

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