She helps me break 80 | Sabrina Andolpho

Hey Guys!

In this video @sabrinaandolpho caddies for me and gives me the best tips to try to break 80 soon! I feel like I learned a lot of new things in this video. How to hit a golf shot over a tree, how to aim on the tee box, long chipping shots, the best putting tips and so much more! Make sure you guys subscribe to Sabrina’s Channel, we also filmed a really cool video on her channel that she will be posting soon! We had so much fun filming this video. I hope you guys enjoy it and don’t forget to like, subscribe, an leave a comment so that we can keep growing and making more of these videos!

0:00 intro
1:30 how to aim on the tee box
2:49 how to hit a golf shot over a tree
6:17 choosing the best club for course management
7:51 how to hit a long chipping shot
9:58 best way to figure out your speed for putting
13:08 getting over the water
19:23 bunker shot

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9 Replies to “She helps me break 80 | Sabrina Andolpho”

  1. Leon Fowler says:

    What an impromptu Golf lesson. Great little nuggets!!!

  2. kalv heps says:

    Sabrina is my favourite golfer.

  3. Great video Jess . One thing I find myself reminding my friends of when we play and the debate is about how to get the ball in the air to get over something like a tree is that clubs have a loft on them for a reason just make a good swing and let the club do the rest ..

  4. Anthony Mark says:

    My cousin is 80 years old. He had to give up playing golf this year due to his health. We are now watching your videos together. He is smiling as he is enjoying your journey and remembering how he played the game that he loved. Thank you for all the outstanding content

  5. R&R says:

    Jess this video was perfect! So many great tips from YouTube legend Sabrina Andolpho!

  6. Love this !!!!! So fun

  7. Ron Gonzo says:

    on course coaching is a game changer for anyone. get to start from experience and not from scratch.

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