Can we HUNT down Harman & WIN THE OPEN? (starting 6 shots back)

Seb on Golf, Rick Shiels Golf, Peter Finch Golf and ClubFace UK play Royal Liverpool the day after The Open.

Big thank you to Mercedes-Benz for the incredible hospitality at The Open all week.

Big thanks to my team mates for making this such a fun experience. Remember to enter the giveaway for the bag by Subscribing and commenting “SebRick FinchFace” now!

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Video production by editing by Craig Salter and Casper Hunter-Reeds-


24 Replies to “Can we HUNT down Harman & WIN THE OPEN? (starting 6 shots back)”

  1. Seb On Golf says:

    Make sure you leave me an IG or TW @ if you are entering the competition as well guys so I can contact the winner.

  2. Steve Norton says:

    Sebrick Finchface! Great video

  3. Sp!cyman says:

    Sebrick Finchface is an awesome golf name. Right up there with Eldrick Woods.

  4. Cam Daly says:

    Sebrick Finchface

  5. Joe Cowley says:

    Sebrick finchface @1997jmc

  6. mfarrukh says:

    what a match!! sebrick finchface

  7. Sebrick Finchface- brilliant vid btw

  8. Luke Perry says:

    Sebrick finchface what a team name šŸ˜‚

  9. Nice video and great guests. SebRick FinchFace.

  10. Mark Shaw says:

    Sebrick finchface šŸŽ‰ awesome content.

  11. VeeJay20 says:

    Sebrick Finchface doing bits šŸ”„

  12. Gata love the vibe of just 4 buddies playing a good ol scramble!!!! #sebrickfinchface

  13. Sebrick Finchface šŸ‘ŒšŸ¤£

  14. Mous CZ says:

    Sebrick Finchface

  15. Love this content, really shows how hard it is to shoot a low score #SebRick FinchFace

  16. Shane S says:

    Sebrick Finchface

  17. Sebrick Finchface
    Really enjoyed this! X

  18. Jacob Dean says:

    Sebrick Finchface

  19. MGL says:

    Sebrick Finchface

  20. Mark Garcia says:

    Sebrick finchface

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