SUNDAY FUNday, what could possibly go wrong? Come join the Buzz-ettes

Today we have some of the beautiful girls from the BUZZIN LOUNGE joining us on the show today. Come join the fun packed show all about Pattaya, life here and things you should or maybe shouldn’t know about here in our wonderful city!

The fun packed show is all about Pattaya, life here and things you should or maybe shouldn’t know about here in our wonderful city!

Come join the fun and laughter and feel free to ask your questions or interact with the crowd. There is no agenda other than a couple of updates, the rest we just wing it as we go…well I do.

But here in Pattaya there is so much to talk about and I guess that is what makes our city so fascinating and brigs people back year after year (excluding current situation).

So, if you love Pattaya City, jump in, have a watch and who knows, you may even enjoy the show……

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33 Replies to “SUNDAY FUNday, what could possibly go wrong? Come join the Buzz-ettes”

  1. did I hear right rent £2,500 a month!!!!

  2. Alan Baldock says:

    Aussi …oi oi oi

  3. Trev..i have a question…if i take one of the girls out of your bar/lounge, can she stay with me overnight? or is there a time limit?

  4. 😂 remember I ran the rough maths, week days per sub at bar possibilities while on a short holiday…. I did say the numbers were crazy 😂 guess the rooms upstairs might start be the expanded lounge 😂 at least kitty will be safe from a bar fine.

  5. Age is just a number!…lol

  6. Wow….the always gorgeous SUGAR!…cute smile too

  7. Kitty is really a very beautiful woman!…I will plan a holiday soon to meet the buzzettes and Trev

  8. You..!!!😊

  9. Paul Miller says:

    Do you still have M? 5 weeks until I arrive!

  10. doesn't..look..Thai..her.. features..and..body.. doesn't..match.. Asiatic.. features.. that's..our.. 🐈..kitty..does..look..Thai..100.. percent..!!!😊😊

  11. Jon Hobson says:

    Kitty birthday is same day as my gf 😊

  12. Does kitty want to get married very beautiful lady make a good wife

  13. Did you ever try moonshine

  14. Do you know where my Washington is

  15. Good afternoon
    I really like your videos
    One of these days I will have to visit you over there and get a thi lady love the Asian ladies
    From Connecticut USA

  16. Classic entertainment….Thanks Trev and as always thank the girls 👍🙏

  17. Stevo says:

    Trev,bloody great as usual!

  18. Brian Street says:

    Nice one folks cheers

  19. Chris George says:

    See you in October .

  20. Love these shows! Thank you everyone !

  21. Dave O says:

    Love the show Trev, ideally it wouldn't overlap with NDTVi show though as I enjoy both they make my Sunday morning. I'm in Thailand for Xmas, spent last year in Buzzin Bar and tree town but will definitely visit the buzzin lounge this year.

  22. Great video Trev. Glad the ladies had a good birthday. Trev you got a good idea 3 weeks in the village one week in Pattaya I am sure the Mrs is happy.

  23. I thought "owhen" was the enduring term for fat. Or at least what the girls said when I asked. Oof hurts man. Lol

  24. They're are many fack people on the Internet, friends. Even. Many fack people say they are from Punjabi. Others say they are big shot men but have no gold… cold. Here in Pattaya I have very big boat. I have very big interest in having a good time. Relaxing and occasionally making millions. After a life of working in the cash cush hush plush business I'm amazed how many people need a good girl a lively batter a fresh drink and a massage to make them feel whole like bedding a model from Soul. Don't be afraid. If you have money spend this. You only have one life. Drive fast. Take risk. Never back balls down. Be a bad man let your self go. BRUSKIZZZ N BROADZZ YO JO!

  25. Foki says:

    What's the deal with shenanigans in the bar? Understand you can't go into detail on YouTube, but can you get the same 'in the bar' type of service as what's available across the street in Maggie May's?

  26. More Trevor, more Buzzettes, less Ian! You are best Trevor, don’t know why you partnered with him, he is sour and was a shit who didn’t care about customer experience when I was in the Buzzin Lounge. He seems like the complete opposite of you. His only focus was watching the till (not joking). I said, you have cameras, right? He said yes, but… as he couldn’t take his eyes off the till (again, not joking). Anyway, wishing you the best, and looking forward to meeting you in person next time I am in Pattaya, which will be soon. I am now a retired expat American lawyer living in Bangkok, but visit Pattaya regularly because I love it! No place like it in the world! You are a great guy Trevor, I so appreciate your honesty with everything, you have really helped me a lot with my Thailand life experience.

  27. chag mistry says:

    Hi what's the hotel called that opposite the lounge bar I like to look it up for a stay?

  28. Mike Fox says:

    Hey Trev, great show as usual mate wasn't able to catch it live but watched after. You asked Kitty what chicken curry and egg fried rice was in Chinese, it's ( cali ji, dan khao fan ) i believe. A bit of useful ( useless) information lol 😂

  29. Gary Brooks says:

    Hi Trev is there a industrial free zone area near Pattaya.

  30. Every time I will come to buzzing I will bring shisha to shit ya Trevor. Ahh-ha!

  31. mike maver says:

    hi trev great live stream ..i get you a beer mate ..because the girls get plenty ..have a great day mate

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