The Billy Monger Story Is INCREDIBLE !! (Legend ❤️) | Can We Break 40 ??

We love Billy Monger. What an inspirational legend and a top top bloke. Billy, Ange and Tubes attempt to Break 40 on the Longcross course at Foxhills, can we do it ? …….

Hope you enjoy

BIG Love

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26 Replies to “The Billy Monger Story Is INCREDIBLE !! (Legend ❤️) | Can We Break 40 ??”

  1. Tim Dyer says:

    Cracking vid, billy has such a fantastic positive attitude, inspiring.

  2. Luke Russon says:

    Great video as usual boys, what a bloke Billy is, legend! 👍

  3. D Pezza says:

    I have so much admiration for just how strong Billy is mentally. To recover from something like that and get back in a car to race is something else. What a top lad and an inspiration to so many people!

  4. Jimmy Rial says:

    What a diamond bloke and what an inspiration to us all to enjoy life and not let anything keep you down 👍 i keep my glove on all round (if its good enough for big Jack N its good enough for me lol keep up the good work you legends, only thing with leaning club grip more forward is that it takes the loft out of the club ie 8i would then become a 7i or even a 6i,golf life forever ⛳

  5. Iain Davison says:

    Question. Does Bully just play with celebrities?

    Loving this video. Such an inspiring young man.

  6. What a laddo Billy is 👍 top blokes and top video!

  7. Andrew Wray says:

    Hi lads. Quick question (please reply on here!) Do you contact commenters via the Telegram app or is their a scammer about?!!!!

  8. Mate dont know if its a scam got a message saying to message you on telegram

  9. Paul Hampton says:

    Absolutely brilliant,Billy is truly inspirational and a lovely guy! ❤

  10. Steve Adams says:

    Great vid boys, watching Billy play golf is so humbling, I will never moan about a bad shot again , absolute superstar !

  11. Paul Kennish says:

    Is it me or does tubes and billy look like brothers, great video and what a top top bloke is billy 👍👍

  12. Ryan says:

    I was there the day Billy had that awful incident, so good to see him with a smile on his face what a man!!

  13. Wow! Just wow, the word legend is used far too much for my liking. But this lad is the real deal. Watched the driven programme and even his Dr was nearly in tears and in awe of him. Amazing.

  14. Luke Bodily says:

    Magmotinal episode lads

  15. Funny how people who have suffered so much and been through stuff end up with such amazing attitudes and positivitey. Great round great guest great vibes.

  16. Andrew Wray says:

    Another great vid lads. But remember the rules…once somebody taps in the hole is finished and nobody else can putt/chip! 👍🏻

  17. JRRONBA says:

    Why is ange not taking a 3rd shot on 17? He could have holed it? Play properly

  18. Would love a reply 😢

  19. matt Feltham says:

    What an inspiration!!!!!

  20. Paul Ransby says:

    What an absolute legend Billy is.

  21. J P says:

    Tubes, you are looking great physically. Keep up whatever you are doing. As for the golf, hey ho! Still enjoy this channel every time.

  22. Impressive fella u are Billy lad.

  23. What a fella Billy his, great video again lads ❤

  24. T25PHC says:

    Whens the gleneagles video up lads?

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