Yoga For Golfers & Yoga Golf Exercises

Move and breathe mindfully to increase flexibility in your shoulders and hips. Improve your golf game with yoga! Watch as this practices sharpens your mind, strengthens your body, and recovers your muscles for less injury. Enjoy and please subscribe below!

~Vanessa Noble


6 Replies to “Yoga For Golfers & Yoga Golf Exercises”

  1. tharay Swain says:

    Done full pack thanks Inday prangka please to host

  2. SHANDY CHARR says:

    hi vanessa im your new friend here,,love this exercise

  3. Great 15min session, ty.

  4. Chris Fraser says:

    Loved this. You got me sweating. I'm new to yoga but I love it

  5. Vlas Gilbers says:

    These golf swing strategies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) go over the golf swing in great detail. I`ve read through 1/2 of this particular book and also the ideas are excellent. I`ve obtained Three straight low 80s rounds after reading this particular e-book..

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