Tiger Woods joins PGA Tour’s policy board as a player director | Golf Today | Golf Channel

As part of a new agreement to ensure it lives up to its player-driven mission, the PGA Tour announced that Tiger Woods is joining its policy board. The Golf Today team breaks down the story from every angle. #GolfChannel #GolfToday #TigerWoods
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Tiger Woods joins PGA Tour’s policy board as a player director | Golf Today | Golf Channel


31 Replies to “Tiger Woods joins PGA Tour’s policy board as a player director | Golf Today | Golf Channel”

  1. Sluggo says:

    I am hearing Tiger will be the “sixth” player on the policy board? Is there something 6 players can do that 5 players cannot? Obviously the other 5 players were not standing up for the players. It’s great to have a voice for the players ( who are employees of the PGA tour). This is like having any other business run by its employees. Imagine If McDonalds was run by the employees. I agree Tiger is a great voice to have on the board and surprised this was not offered before.

  2. Obsidian says:

    Make tiger the head of pga tour, monahan has to go and there is no better person to steward professional golf than tiger woods.

  3. Obsidian says:

    Just like the nba the players association plays a massive role. Basically a union. Golf should have done this along time ago and liv would have never happened.

  4. Bing Pitty says:

    He’s going to have strippers, tons of alcohol and pills, and have Waffle House catering the board meetings!! Best player ever hands down, but not a good man!

  5. D E says:


  6. Same corruption, new actors.
    Tiger Woods only cares about Tiger Woods.
    Nothing to see here!

  7. Tim Ehrler says:

    First policy?

    Take the insurance on the courtesy car.

  8. Are the players elected? If so, how can Tiger be appointed? I'm sure that he would be elected by a majority of his peers, but the democratic process should be followed.

  9. There is one time in my life time I had once learned a valuable lesson from the girl soccer team at my high school that I will never forget. The valuable lesson is there is more to be on the team than just being an athlete or a coach” and I believe that is what Tiger Woods is trying to do by being useful in a excellent way!😀

  10. Blujay says:

    Is it just me or was there no great hue and cry about how broken the PGA tour was until the Saudis arrived with a dump truck full of money?

  11. Tiger doesn't play anymore

  12. Ryan U says:

    What a mess. Lifelong follower of professional golf and it's just as bad as politics. I give up.

  13. P H says:

    Is that supposed to make things better? Who gives a shit, Tiger just a pill head now.

  14. G. Wills says:

    I think it's debatable whether Tiger still has any real influence and how will he deal with the 1 billion dollars he allegedly turned down?

  15. I don’t agree with Lynch hardly ever but cannot disagree that Monahan is having a full blown garage sale of anything from his family heirlooms to his okole if need be to keep his role, which is increasingly becoming less
    And less powerful, but it’s still a role dealing with the biggest check writer in the whole wide world.

    So he still has that going for him.

    Tiger doing this seems great at first glance. It’s definitely going to be said often he is taking care of his interests.

    My bigger concern is tiger and Monahan have been extremely tied at the hip as Monahan has done whatever he can to keep fortunes coming at tiger for a reason; such as the pip
    Having hardly no actual playing requirements clearly for tiger to get his money.

    This tomorrow sports venture is definitely a big wrinkle in all of this.

    I mean it’s good tiger is on the board but tiger and Rory have a lot of special interests worked out with the current pga tour brass, especially Monahan. So it’s possible tiger will actually help Monahan more than he will be against him.

    Tiger is basically like the swing vote on survivor now. He can be with the players. Or he can be a ruthless business man.

    This really will be a critical time in tigers legacy. Time certainly will tell whom he is doing this for.

    If he is doing it for the players then imo he will tell everyone no punishments. No rewards. Let’s form a world tour with LIv. Let’s make the pga tours biggest events full field and attended by everyone of the top players. And let’s make everyone choose some smaller events to play. He would also create a minimum requirement of starts to get any popularity money, but really he would get rid of popularity money from the pga tour because he is all about earning it on the course.

    Anything other than that and he is just another arm for Monahan to make a mess with.

    And also possibly make a hypocrite of himself. I hope not. I love Tiger and hope he not only comes back and passes Jacks 18, but also shows he can be a true selfless steward of the game.

    Cannot wait to find out.

  16. Tiger is getting involved, I like it.

  17. Charley Hoffman looking good with that haircut. Ask Cameron Smith to do the same.

  18. …me thinks, Tiger is really looking to make sure his business interests, which are attached to the PGA Tour, stay alive…😏

  19. Marty W says:

    I can't believe Tiger said he has confidence in Monahan. Hopefully he's just taking the high road for now.

  20. Tiger and AI working around the clock to redefine merger and impressions of Saudi PIF. Artificial Intelligence doing most of the work, Tiger will take most of the credit. Also working on fixing JT's game during breaks.

  21. Clare Logue says:


  22. Khem Heru says:

    Bye Bye Jay Monohan lol – Tiger retires and is new commissioner! GOAT

  23. It always seemed strange that Tiger remained so quiet after the PIF/PGA Tour framework was announced, and now we understand why. Tiger may only have one vote on the policy board, but his influence will be profound. I suspect producing and delivery a signed framework will become materially harder to sign-off a deal as the most powerful person in golf will ensure anything less than a perfect deal for the PGA Tour perspective will not be recommended to the players. PIF may not see this announcement in such positive terms as they may not to prepared to accommodate PGA Tours terms.
    I still think any agreement will face stiff regulatory scrutiny around the world.

  24. Good to see TW participating, mostly post-career at this point I think. I do think it'll be nice to see if TW can be healthy enough to play some Champions Tour events when the time comes. Golf-cart rules may make that possible. BUT let us be honest, Monahan is a TRAITOR to the core. The blood money from the Saudi's is a disgusting corruption of the game. The advisory board is just the Saudi's throwing a bone to the dogs, nothing more. Personally, I enjoy the USGA amateur events now days, much more than all the contract player BULLXHIT! Professional golf is done, it'll never hold a candlestick to amateur golf ever again in my book.

  25. Kenan Modi says:

    “Earning in dirt“ while tiger was flying Nike private jet before he was 18

  26. Jim Iverson says:

    Monahan's days are clearly numbered. The players need to take back control from him and his chums on the Board to make sure the first goal of the Tour is to meet their needs, not feather the nests of the executive director and the outside board members.

  27. We wouldn't exactly call him a player director cause we doubt he'll play again unless it's the Masters !

  28. iasonevan says:

    Tiger needs to hold a vote of no confidence in Monahan. Get that clown and Dunne out of there.

  29. Kenan Modi says:

    Joined to protect his legacy

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