Unlock Faster Hip Rotation for an Explosive Golf Swing

If you’re looking to unlock your hip rotation for an explosive golf swing, then this drill is for you!

In this drill, you’ll be using your hip rotation to create power and distance on your golf shots. By doing this drill regularly, you’ll be able to improve your swing speed and Accuracy dramatically!


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4 Replies to “Unlock Faster Hip Rotation for an Explosive Golf Swing”

  1. Sach Mai says:

    Thanks Stuart. I've been going through this experience journey in parallel and therefore can't help but share my thoughts.

    This is a critical video distinguishing between into the left leg vs clearing left hip. Coupled with pulling the golf club this is the ultimate recipe for consistently good ball striking. Period!

    Clearing hips requires fitness, I find I end up doing into the left leg as I get tired through the round. However, to its credit this move also does its job and one can get away with it so long as it doesn't turn into a slide.

    What kills strike is imagining the club head on the ball. Overconfidence makes you imagine clubhead on the ball through funky wrist positions. Poof! There goes the strike.

    Best just to keep the pull thought and let everything else just happen through the strike.

    Yes, this is good coaching!

  2. Another great video, Stuart. Never thought about how you have very little pressure in your feet if they are rotating. The jumping analogy is excellent when showing how your feet have no rotation when you apply vertical pressure to them. Cheers.

  3. Golf Addicts says:

    Good coaching, thanks coach. Definitely something to work on, interestingly feel like I'm still pushing with the left foot rather than trying to rotate the hips.

  4. Wet summer here up north

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