Chicago Bears Training Camp RECAP SHOW: Justin Fields, offense tested by Luke Getsy | CHGO Bears

Luke Getsy spoke for the first time at training camp and gave one reason why the Bears offense has looked out of sync at times on the first two days of training camp. It was another good day for the receivers and Justin Fields had some great moments as well. Jack Sanborn also spoke to the media and outlined one of his challenges going into the season. Lot to talk about today for Greg Braggs, Nicholas Moreano, Mark Carman and Adam Hoge on the CHGO Bears Podcast.

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21 Replies to “Chicago Bears Training Camp RECAP SHOW: Justin Fields, offense tested by Luke Getsy | CHGO Bears”

  1. Just ordered my BRICK BY BRICK shirt…thanks Braggs

  2. Great show today guys. Training camp episodes are the best. Love to here firsthand accounts of the event with people that are up close and personal 🤝🏾

  3. Todd Banks says:

    For the love of God, turn down Cram's mic…

  4. LEVELEN1 says:

    Gotta give credit where it’s due – Carm is doing a much better job lately. More focused. On topic. Less weird. Whether he’s taking mentoring or meds, whatever, keep it up.

  5. DomCagney says:

    Carm is insufferable

  6. Ace says:

    ah good. carm pickin up the doom slack.

  7. vague says:

    Ugh Carmfest…. no thanks

  8. Great show guys! Love the recap and insights. Don’t listen to the haters Carm! let’s go!!

  9. Bob Meugniot says:

    I wish they would make an edit of every show that took out all of Carm. Would actually be watchable.

  10. Wazeer Shah says:

    Lol @ CHGO getting weed ads now 😂

  11. YungOptimo says:

    Bragggggsssss! I worked at Dairy Queen in high school too! I was a kitchen guy making the burgers and chicken strip baskets.

  12. M.L. Fields says:

    DJ looks comfortable and natural when he runs, that effortless grace is rare.

  13. One of my friends does this podcast. He said one of the hosts farts 2 or 3 times a show and they smell soooooo bad. Like not normal get this man to a hospital bad. If you guess which one it is you get a prize!

  14. T Jackson says:

    So when do we see some of these plays?

  15. Where does Brenden Rice rank amongst college receivers

  16. Mc Fact says:

    @19:43….. listen to this guy !!

  17. 20:12 brags is right this guy is a offensive coordinator he’s needs to learn how to use every piece on his chess board he didn’t use nkeal harry right last year

  18. Mc Fact says:

    @13:28….so maybe the routes aren't developing fast enough

  19. Does Khalil Herbert remind anyone else of Emmit Smith?

  20. Draguunn says:

    Alshon Jeffery is one of the best Bear receivers

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