Scottie Scheffler gives VERY FIRM message to his CRITICS…

Scottie Scheffler hits back at putting critics ahead of latest major bid at Royal Liverpool. Scottie Scheffler has won twice on the PGA Tour in 2023 but has struggled on the greens in recent months; World No 1 is looking to register a second major title this week at The Open. There has been a lot of talk about the liv golfers, pga tour golfers and who is most likely to come up on top in this weeks 151st open, the open championship this weekend.

Scottie Scheffler has been very consistent on the PGA Tour in recent months, finishing no worse than 12th in his last 19 starts and on a run of seven consecutive top-fives!! This is incredible and there is no wonder that people are talking about scottie sheffler as a potential winner for the open 2023! Scottie sheffler however is without a win since his impressive victory at The Players in March.

Ahead of the open scottie sheffler took to the media to hit back at critics over his poor putting performance, but when we went through his comments and looked at his performance, there is no wonder he is defending himself, so good on you scottie sheffler!!

The world No 1 tops the season-long stats in strokes gained from tee to green but sits 137th in the putting standings, with Scheffler trying to avoid any criticism he gets about his performance on the greens.

Scottie Scheffler gives VERY FIRM message to his CRITICS…

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24 Replies to “Scottie Scheffler gives VERY FIRM message to his CRITICS…”

  1. BACK 9 FILMS says:

    NEWS! This is HUGE…

  2. JesHuds says:

    Also, I think if you go back and look historically, the guys who are always in the top five and greens in regulation are never in the top putting stats Boo Weekley Camilo bodegas even Joe Durrant never let putting stats and it’s cause you’re always hitting so many greens there’s very few Tiger Woods were able to be in the top, putting in top greens in regulation it’s very rare for somebody to do that over a career let alone a season.

  3. JesHuds says:

    I guess the staff that I would have to know is, where does he rank putting when hitting the green in regulation? I don’t know that I know what accounts for total strokes gained in putting but to me the best putter in the world has the lowest average pots and greens hit in regulation, so where does he rank there? Is he still 137. Well, then yeah he’s not a great putter but if he’s in the top 50 well now we have a real conversation

  4. EVERYONE could benefit from taking anything said by the media with a grain of salt. They have so much air time to fill that they have to make up something to say, their biases always spill over into their commentary, they're expected to create drama for the audience, they speculate, and I think it's gotten to the point where there is TOO much coverage. They cannot even be professional, it's more like infotainment aka the OP ED of Sports. Sports is getting to the point of it's almost better to watch it with the sound off!!

  5. Hunter says:

    Scotty also seems to be a a super nice guy. That’s what I see anyway.

  6. paul oconnor says:

    If he could putt he'd be tiger level. Tee to green he is amazing.

  7. PSP92262 says:

    It's funny that all the announcers always say "here's the world #1 Scottie Scheffler" and then he procedes to show up on the third page lol

  8. If Scottie get his putting going he will be unstoppable! He is the overall best on the planet right now.

  9. John Gibson says:

    Why the comparison to Tiger, Jack is the G.O.A.T.!!!

  10. Robert says:

    I really like Scottie but I put my money on Brooks!

  11. Robert says:

    How much of his winnings is due to real good golfers going to LIV!?

  12. Tigersmundo says:

    Don't get excited about this golf tournament like you guys. Scottie T1 LIV T2 LIV T3 LIV T4. Rory will be Rory like the last D E C A D E without one or the LeBron James of millennials bark.

  13. What is his proximity to the hole on approaches??? That's the issue

  14. Dribble …. comparing him to tiger is like comparing a camry to a porsche. Hes finishing top 10 s against half the "real field". Wake up.

  15. What about FIGJAM who thinks he's bigger than the game wearing a long sleeved T-Shirt

  16. Anonymous says:

    In his second year on tour jordan spieth won the masters and the us open – in his second year on tour scottie won the masters…all good, but tiger territory??? no doubt he's playing well but nicklaus and tiger had airtight swings and a mental side to their game that is beyond imagination – scottie has funky footwork which when you're young, skill can overcome – but if he doesn't work out the putting, it will amplify the pressure on his tee to green game. there are any number of players that had incredible starts (johnny miller had 8 wins in one year) i like scottie but let's have this discussion in 5 years.

  17. I with Scotty and Brooks!

  18. Mattias Lind says:

    Putting stat’s is misleading at that level. Some putting from outside the green when he is putting on the green, how ever they did putt 2 time. Scottie is king!!

  19. I’m not even going to get into tiger comparisons.

    2 main takes:
    The “media” has been irresponsible in a lot of ways but one of the worst is how much they get in golfers heads with almost anything, but especially their games.

    2. Scottie has a quiet fireines he works hard to keep stored and his patience has been getting tested for a while.

    But the fact is…
    Stats are misleading but modern stats are telling a true story. He isn’t just struggling because he hits more greens. The stats are more complex then that today.

    But also people whom watch see he isn’t putting great. I think most of those people root for him to do well.

    Scotties putting looks great but the reality is his pass through the ball is not as great as the best putters, guys like Xander.

    But he has putted great the way he putts in the past.

    Imo he could improve his technique with w great technical coach —because in the modern game sound technique is more important than ever on the greens because the greens are so pure —but the reality is he simply isn’t putting enough moments of genius together like he has in the past; those moments where everything comes together from the read to the stroke so beautifully.

    To get to within a mile of Tigers level Scottie is going to need to putt at tigers level for as long as tiger putted at that level. That’s easier said then done. Especially with the media trolls riding players everyday for a quote.

    Players need to get back to shooing media away more. That’s the lesson here. It really is.

  20. Did Rory pull a muscle in his vajayjay? Again? 🤔🥴. He sure had a 💩ton to say before the merger meeting. I just think he knows how hypocritical he will have to be to continue his career. If he plays one event post merger, he will continue to be called a hypocrite and a liar. He is a tool for the PGA.

  21. John Angle says:

    Maybe I’m wrong but hitting greens and having long puts hurt your putting stats compared to missing greens and getting up and down for the same score. The stats don’t always tell the whole story.

  22. Pete Major says:

    Faldo was called boring but a top iron player.

  23. Scotties a modern god. 20 handicappers shouldn't be saying anything bad about this guy who must like all other pro golfers at all levels. Work his arse off . All the best to him.

  24. It’s very simple, the press are vermin

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